Shadows of the Fall

Shadows of the Fall, by Jerome Covington

As the final installment of 2012’s multi-album work, “The Year in Sound and Magic”, “Shadows of the Fall” brings the 3-part work to a shimmering, effervescent close. While there are still moments of dissonance and tension here, the overall mood is one of peaceful resolution: we have been through the dark times of “Animism in the Digital Age” and traversed the stygian, twisting passageways of “Runic Telemetry”. Now the shadows of Autumn take on an iridescent glow in the splendid light of the harvest moon.

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Runic Telemetry

Runic Telemetry by Jerome Covington

Using source material from the same 2011 recording sessions that gave birth to “Animism in the Digital Age”, “Runic Telemetry” continues down a similar—sometimes luminous, sometimes stygian—path as its predecessor. The very real phenomenon of Quantum Listening, that we alter the very state of what we hear by the manner in which we hear it, is further explored here. This theme will resonate with all those who believe that in order to truly understand life, we must listen to our fullest capacity in all moments.

Take a moment to listen to the samples on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and other digital outlets. And please go ahead and purchase the album there if you would like to add your support to this project.

Animism in the Digital Age

Animism in the Digital Age by Jerome Covington

“Animism in the Digital Age” is an attempt at resolving the trajectory that we as a species are on, as technology becomes more and more central to our lives, with the very real need to consider our interactions with animals as a primary influencer in our evolutionary consciousness.

The source material comes from a long night of recording in the Fall of 2011. This raw material was then subjected to an improvised, though disciplined, process, and further editing. The eventual goal is to complete this process with the remaining recordings, releasing short form EPs until a unified full length is ready for release in Winter 2012.

Available at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and other digital outlets.

Cirpica by Jerome Covington

Cirpica by Jerome Covington

Released the day after the 2011 Winter Solstice, Cirpica takes a cue from the process-oriented minimalism of the mid 1970s. The three extended movements are frosty, dramatic and emotional. Think of them as the soundtrack to a book that hasn’t been written yet, but that you will surely want to curl up with in the deep, dark Winter. Sample the music and purchase the album at iTunes, eMusic or Amazon.

The Eternal City by Jerome Covington

The Eternal City by Jerome CovingtonWith source material that was recorded as far back as 2002, The Eternal City went through relentless editing and reworking until it was finally released in 2010. Jerome’s electronica, ambient and minimalist influences really shine here, along with the signature beautiful, soaring, yet deceptively simple guitar melodies. Visit ituneseMusic or Amazon to sample and download tracks or the full album.

Butterflies by Laszlo

Laszlo has been the ongoing project featuring Jerome’s writing for several talented female lead vocalists. This first release from the band notably showcased Norah Jones’ singing before her breakthrough solo success. Originally released in 1999, Butterflies was later re-mastered by Mike Davis and re-released with new artwork by Melanie Gomez. Please visit itunes or Amazon to hear samples and download.